The KILT Coin is planned to be an essential part of the KILT Protocol. When the Main Net will go live, KILT Coins can presumably be used for transaction fees and other network-related tasks. Please consult the latest KILT White Paper for more details, which we update from time to time.

Can I already buy KILT Coins?

We consider holding a pre-sale for a limited number of KILT Coins to be sold to investors and future users of KILT Protocol. Such pre-sale would take place during the Mash Net phase.

This means at the time of the pre-sale you would neither be able to trade KILT Coins freely nor use them for other network-related tasks within the KILT Network. Also, there would still be all kinds of risks that could prevent the KILT Protocol from ever being finished or successful or these KILT Coins from ever being of any use or value.

To account for such restrictions and risks at this early stage, KILT Coins would be sold at a lower price compared to the planned public sale price.

Pre-register for acquisition of KILT Coins

With the form below you can signal your interest in participating in such a pre-sale. In case the pre-sale takes place, we would send out a start date and communicate other relevant information to you.

Filling out this form does neither obligate nor entitle you to purchase, nor does it entitle you to receive any information from us.

Please note

KILT Coins may not be purchased by citizens or entities of the United States of America or the People’s Republic of China.

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