18.08.2019 DOTCon
19.-21.08.2019 Web3 Summit

Upcoming Events

18.08.2019 DOTCon Berlin
19.-21.08.2019 Web3 Summit Berlin
21.08.2019 Boat ride to centre: Collaboration in Web 3.0 Berlin
02.-03.10.2019 Business Insider Trends Festival Warsaw

Ingo Rübe: “Decentralised trust market for the internet”

30.10.-01.11.2019 Decentralized Athens

Ingo Rübe: “DAOs and TCRs – New Blockchain-based Business Models”

Distributed Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and Token Curated Registries (TCRs) invite us to re-think current organisational structures. Blockchain Technology will enable us to establish completely virtual companies and to work with self-owned assets. Combined with Artificial Intelligence this is an extremely powerful technology. Regulators have started to become excited and investors should do so, too.


Internet Governance Forum: High Level Leaders


Past Events

30.07.2019 Crypto 2.0 & Cross-Chain Technologies: Investments to Mainstream Blockchain Berlin

Nick de la Forge: “KILT: Restoring trust through self-sovereign data and interoperability”

29.07.2919 Polkadot x KILT Protocol Keynotes Singapore

Ingo Rübe and Gavin Wood hosted a meetup at Ethereum Singapore! Topics were Data Interoperability and how KILT, that uses Parity Substrate to build a Trust Market, will fit into the Polkadot ecosystem.

25.07.2919 Workshop: Blockchain in der Verwaltung München

Ingo Rübe: “Was sind funktionierende Blockchain Use Cases in der Verwaltung?”

17.07.2019 Medientage München München „Hello Blockchain – bye-bye Plattformen!?“. A talk by Simon Schwerin, Business & Investor Relations KILT Protocol, about the potential of Blockchain to replace media and marketing platforms.
02.07.2019 „App Development on KILT Protocol“ @TOA Satellites Berlin In the first part of this Satellite event the KILT team gave an introduction to the KILT protocol with a focus on the general concept, the KILT architecture and the KILT SDK. In the second part the participants had the opportunity to build applications on top of the KILT Protocol by using the KILT SDK. toa.berlin/satellites
26.06.2019 Swiss IT Leadership Forum Saint-Paul de Vence swiss-it-leadership-forum.ch/programm
20.-23.06.2019 Swiss Blockchain Hackathon Zurich hackathon.trustsquare.ch
18.-19.06.2019 Dubai Global Blockchain Conference Dubai  
22.-23.05.2019 Kongress der Deutschen Fachpresse Berlin kongress.deutsche-fachpresse.de
18.05.2019 LongHash CryptoCon Vol. 2 – The Hash Talk Berlin


14.05.2019 KILT Launch Event Berlin

Our Event for the Launch of the KILT Mash-Net at Motion.Lab Berlin

24.-25.04.2019 Sub0 Berlin Dr. Márton Csernai presents the KILT Protocol at the Sub0: Substrate Developer conference organised by Parity.
He gives an overview of the KILT Protocol providing insights into Revocable Credentials, Hierarchical Trust, the Standardization of Claim Types and the underlying Architecture of KILT.