17.09.19Tagesspiegel Background: Portrait Ingo Rübe
18.08.19Running on Blockchain: #018 Ingo Rübe – KILT Protokoll als Alternative zu Datensilos

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17.09.19Tagesspiegel Background: Portrait Ingo RübeIn this portrait Ingo Rübe outlines that there is still a lack of trust in blockchain technology within our society and expresses his hope that the Blockchain Strategy of the Federal Government of Germany will contribute to a better understanding and result in the necessary regulations. He shares his thoughts about the reasonableness of funding programmes for blockchain-oriented tech companies, which innovations he wishes for, and what he would do if he were the Digital Minister.
18.08.19Running on Blockchain: #018 Ingo Rübe – KILT Protokoll als Alternative zu DatensilosIn this podcast episode, Ingo Rübe tells us the story of why and how he founded the company behind KILT, BOTLabs GmbH. He talks about KILT Protocol and explains its potential to open new business models for companies that enjoy trust.
12.08.19Medium/Polkadot: KILT Protocol’s public test net implemented using SubstrateThis article highlights the technical relation between KILT Protocol and Parity Substrate. It describes the benefits KILT can provide Polkadot Network with as well as its potential for the community around Web 3 Foundation.
18.07.19Medientage.de: Warum Medien in der Blockchain aufholen sollten This summary of the Medientage München kick-off event quotes KILT Business & Investment Relations Manager Simon Schwerin stating that in the near future, value will no longer accumulate with intermediaries but with KILT Protocol, which has the potential to restore the former connections between the media, users, and advertisers.

LinkedIn: Wie wir Demokratie und Vertrauen zurück ins Netz bringen

Ingo Rübe shares his thoughts about how democracy and trust can be restored in the internet. He invites economic and political leaders to raise awareness in the population and and offer alternative online registration and identification processes as quickly as possible.

Die Welt: „Das Netz steht an einer neuen Stunde null“, Wirtschaft, p.12

The Welt.de article from 20.05.19 published in the print newspaper.

FOCUS Online: Ein Internet ohne die Bösen

The FOCUS Magazin article from 18.05.19 published in the online editon.

Gründerszene: Blockchain: Ein Berliner Startup will Passwörter abschaffen

The leading online magazine for start-ups and digital economy picks up the Welt.de article, suggesting KILT will make passwords redundant and help users to take control of their data.

Welt.de: „Das Netz steht an einer neuen Stunde null“

In this article the journalist elaborates on the problem of data silos and the economic power of international platforms establishing monopolies. He introduces BOTLabs as a company that aims at offering a secure alternative to centralised services and explains the concepts of the KILT Protocol as well as its crypto currency.

FOCUS Magazin: Ein Internet ohne die Bösen, 21/2019, p. 54-55

FOCUS Magazin headlines that BOTLabs want to reinvent the Internet. It criticises monopolistic strucures offering free services in exchange for user data that are stored in centralised silos and prone to hacker attacks. The journalist portrays Ingo Rübe in his Berlin work environment and describes how the BOTLabs team develops KILT for a broad circle of users, considering philosophical aspects as well as standardisation through the concept of CTYPES.

Blockchainwelt.de: KILT – erstes Produkt aus Burda Medias Blockchain-Schmiede BotLabs

This article points out the problems of generating passwords in the internet. It explains the concepts of Attester, Claimer and Verifier and then empasises three characterstics that make KILT so special.

Kryptoszene.de: Erste Ergebnisse bei Burdas Projekt Blockchain-Start-up

Kryptoszene.de announce the first results of BOTLabs’ KILT implementation after one and a half years of “clandestine” work.

eGovernment Computing: Datensouveränität sichern Blockchain-Lösung als Alternative zu Datensilos

This article focuses on the Data Sovereignty aspect of KILT and presents KILT as an alternative to centralised data silos.

It was also published on DataCenter-Insider, 21.05.19


DNV Online: Startup Botlabs veröffentlicht Blockchain-Protokoll/ Burda und Ringier sind beteiligt

This article talks about the Go Live of KILT and quotes Ingo Rübe, Philipp Welte (Burda) and Robin Lingg about the potential of the protocol.

Horizont.net: BOTLabs: Burdas Blockchain-Start-up stellt erstes Produkt vor

Horizont outlines how the KILT Team silently developed their product before introducing their results to the public and quotes Burda’s Executive Boards member Philipp Welte announing that KILT creates the technological basis for the trustworthiness of digital business models.

Horizont.net: Ringier: Berliner Beteiligung BOTLabs launcht Open-Source-basiertes Protocol Blockchain “Kilt”

The Swiss edition of Horizont outlines the analogue principle of KILT transferred to the digital world and quotes Ingo stating that KILT has the potential to make the Internet the democratic place it was originally concepted as.

Focus Online: Neues Blockchain-Protokoll soll Vertrauenswürdigkeit ins Internet zurückbringen

In this article Focus Online describes how KILT can provide security and trustworthiness by transferring a principle of the analogue world into the digital one.

W&V Online: Blockchain-Protokoll von Burda und Ringier: Kilt soll Facebook und Google die Stirn bieten

The W&V article picks up on the press releases of Burda and Ringier and states that KILT has the potential to defy centralised services such as Google and Facebook.

heise online: KILT-Blockchain will Internetnutzern Datensouveränität zurückgeben

This article highlights the technological aspects of KILT and describes how the protocol works. Furthermore it mentions the business model of BOTLabs and gives an outlook on how the protocol will be administered in the future.

BTC-Echo: BOTLabs-CEO Ingo Rübe im Interview: „Jeder wird zukünftig Zertifikate herausgeben und für deren Integrität einstehen können.“

BTC-Echo’s Chief Editor Sven Wagenknecht came to the BOTLabs offices to talk with Ingo Rübe about the problem BOTLabs want to solve with KILT Protocol and how the concrete solutions look like.

Hubert Burda Media: Botlabs: KILT bringt Ver­trau­ens­wür­dig­keit ins Internet zurück

Hubert Burda Media, a shareholder of BOTLabs, announces in this press release the launch of KILT Protocol and describes how KILT can provide security and trustworthiness and how it protects the user privacy.

Hubert Burda Media: Botlabs: KILT aims at strength­en­ing trust in the internet

Hubert Burda Media, a shareholder of BOTLabs, announces in this press release the launch of KILT Protocol and describes how KILT can provide security and trustworthiness and how it protects the user privacy. (English version of the above article)

Ringier: Berlin-based company BOTLabs, an investment of Ringier and Burda, launches Blockchain Protocol KILT

Ringier, a shareholder of BOTLabs, announces in this press release the launch of KILT Protocol and describes how KILT can provide security and trustworthiness and how it protects the user privacy.
14.05.19Turi2: Burdas Blockchain-Startup BotLabs stellt neues Internetprotokoll vorA short summary of an article released in Horizont.net, talking about the launch of KILT.
24.01.19 Presseportal: Hubert Burda Media Podcast Fast Forward – Blockchain demokratisiert das InternetIngo Rüber gives a brief definition of Blockchain technology and states that it is a chance to democratise the Internet.
15.10.18Brunswick: Punk internetIngo Rübe shares in an interview with Brunswick Group and the world the driving forces for him and Burda to turn to an open source project like Thunder and the gradually growing need of Blockchain technology, as Internet’s next evolutionary stage.
12.10.18WELT: Die Öffentlichkeit muss gerettet werden/ The public must be savedIn this article Vivian Schiller, Social Media Manager of CIVIL, describes how the CIVIL Project assists journalism to overcome its contemporary problems, utilizing the Blockchain technology. Ingo Rübe, as the head lead of BOTLabs into the Blockchain scene, comments on CIVIL’s contribution.
01.10.18DLD Singapore: Panel Conversation Blockchain Hotbeds Berlin/ Singapore. Ingo Rübe joins an interesting panel conversation with co-speakers Nick de la Forge (XAIN), Chirdeep Singh Chhabara (Ocean Protocol), Prakash Somosundram (XSQ), Patty Lee (Ocean Protocol), Nele Wollert (Fractal) and Stanley Ching (TechNode).
13.09.18DMEXCO: Creating the new species? When machines are taking over control. Ingo Rübe joins an interesting panel conversation about the neutrality of technology and the machines’ role in making decisions for humans.
02.05.18DLD Conference New YorkIngo Rübe gives a chronological retrospective of Identity’s evolution and how it will benefit from the Blockchain technology that is rapidly evolving.
22.01.18W&V Online: Warum Blockchain das Potenzial hat, Facebook und Google zu ersetzenIngo Rübe gives insights about how Blockchain technology will enable users to reconquer the Internet in a democratic way whilst eliminating intermediaries that benefit economically from manipulating Identities and shifting the value to the Protocol level.
19.01.18Süddeutsche Zeitung: Blockchain gehört unsere ZukunftAn article about the roadmap of Identity throughout the course of the human evolution, how social media enterprises made profit out of it and how Blockchain technology will put people back in control of their information, by Ingo Rübe.
18.01.18Horizont: Burda gründet Blockchain-Start-upA commentary on the foundation of BOTLabs by Burda with Project Lead Ingo Rübe and the potential of the organisation to implement the Blockchain technology in many use cases, that way replacing all intermediaries.
18.01.18W&V Online: Burda gründet Startup rund um Blockchain-TechnologieAn article about how Blockchain technology will be the successor of the HTTP and World Wide Web protocols, strongly initiated by the new-founded start-up company BOTLabs with Project Lead Ingo Rübe.
18.01.18Meedia: Start des Bot Labs in Berlin: Burda investiert in Blockchain-TechnologieIngo Rübe explains how the uprising Blockchain technology will democratise the user experience of the Web.